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Come and meet Pastor Melanie Wilkinson, the new pastor at Christ's Promise UCC. You can send Pastor Mel an online message by clicking here: 


 Our church is a gathering of people who seek to worship Jesus Christ. It does not matter what religious background you have come from. Our congregation is made up of people from many churches and some whom have never attended church. We each have a unique place and part in Christ’s Promise. 


Christ's Promise UCC is an open and Affirming Church.  No matter who you are or where you are in Life's Journey, You are welcome here.


We welcome all persons into the full life of our church.


We fill our building with love and hope by God's grace!  


Everyone who attends is unique, none of us are perfect.


Our people are young, old, Anglo, Hispanic, African American, Indigenous and everybody in between.


We firmly believe that Christ's grace and love is extended to everyone.  

We follow a Jewish guy who was always in trouble with the religious leaders.


We attempt to learn from the folks who came before and after Jesus; all of whom had issues.


Our services do get spontaneous, so sometimes we just have to stop and laugh.


We are committed to follow Jesus!



We Sing - a lot, with a wide variety music styles, and let it come from our hearts.


We Pray - believing God will work in dynamic ways helping us beyond our limits (and we see results).


We Listen - to Messages to help us be better in our personal walk with God and those around us.


We Share communication - with intimacy and openness for all who have or are seeking a relationship with Jesus.


Oh yea, for real, we will take your money, BUT, we'll take hugs, help, involvement and talents too.


We belong to a group of churches (UCC/United Church of Christ) that believe...


No matter who you are, or where you are on life's journey, you're welcome here.


Because, God is Still Speaking!

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 91205

Lakeland, Florida 33804